Solar Panel Protection Against Theft and Vandalism

Solar panel theft is a harsh reality. Interlock systems has pioneered and developed various methods to protect PV installations from the ravages of theft and vandalism.

Overview document of the various systems: Info Sheet - Solar Panel Protection - System Overview.pdf

Our products fall into three distinct categories:


Solar Panel Clamp
Anti-Rip Solar Panel
Solar Panel eXtreme
 High security clamps used to secure solar panels against theft in conventional array configurations.

Offers theft protection in conventional arrays.

Non-glass covered solar panel that is secured onto a stainless steel mounting base plate.

Offers theft protection, and high resistance to damage from vandalism. 

Solar panels secured in a heavy duty frame, with an impact resistant window to protect against theft and vandalism.

Offers theft protections and extremely high protection against vandalism.

 Typical applications:
- Shools
- Farms
- Clinics
- Factories
- Rooftop or ground based arrays
- Borehole solar towers

 Typical applications:
- Remote boreholes
- Telemetry systems
- Radio / internet repeater towers
- Critical lighting applications
- Traffic lights etc.

 Typical applications:
- Telemetry systems
- Monitoring equipment
- Radio repeaters

   anti-rip solar tower  SPX secure solar panel


Solar Related Security Equipment

Please browse the rest of our webpage for equipment related to solar installations:

- Solar borehole pump security covers

- Solar equipment security enclosures: Batteries, inverters, etc

- Secure doors for electrical rooms

- Secure concrete security buildings for larger installations