Rock Exotica


  • 25 years of innovation

    Rock Exotica began in a garage 25 years ago. Much has changed since those days of manual production and graph paper designs. However, one thing has stayed the same: Our desire to produce the most innovative technical equipment available.

    Interlock Systems is the sole South African agents for top quality Rock Exotica products from the USA. Please visit for more technical detail on the products. Below are some highlight products, specifically suited for working at height in industrial areas such as mines and telecom towers.

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    Omni-Block Swivel Pulleys
      These patented devices revolutionized pulley use when they were introduced in 2005. The Omni-Block combines a pulley with a swivel and offers tremendous advantages. It can replace a conventional pulley, carabiner & swivel and is lighter, less expensive and saves valuable vertical space. It also allows installing/removing the rope while the pulley is still anchored.While the standard version serves the needs of most users, the Omni is also available with some specialized options.

    Aztek Compact 4:1 Pulley System


    Complete system with two Aztek pulleys, main rope (8 or 9mm), two Prusiks, a travel restrict Prusik

    Here is a compact mechanical advantage system that continually amazes rescuers with its many uses and versatility.

    Some of the uses are as a pick off, travel restrict, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, high angle attendant tether, high angle litter scoop, load release hitch and much more.

    Both Aztek pulleys have their own color-coded Prusik and can be easily activated or deactivated. This means you can have the ratchet at either the top pulley or the bottom pulley. The special 3 on 2 Prusik cannot come off the rope, so the deactivated Prusik will stay ready to be used as soon as you need it.

    The complete system use sewn Prusiks and a sewn eye on the main rope, which makes things neater and more compact than knots.

    You cannot appreciate how smooth and easy use of the Prusiks is until you experience it. Because the Prusik only sees a fraction of the total load in an MA system, they don't get too tight and they are easy to release and very controllable.

    This system grew out of extensive use and experimentation of small MA systems by Ropes That Rescue. It is light years ahead of anything else.




    Arizona Vortex Multipod (Tripod)


    The Vortex has a two-piece break-apart head that can be rigged as a standard tripod, or in advanced applications, as an A-Frame, a sideways A-Frame, or a Gin Pole. The "easel" leg allows the tripod to be leaned to form an easel A-Frame, placing anchor points closer to the cliff or structure edge. With adjustable leg lengths and a versatile third leg, the Mulitpod lets rescuers set up an artificial high directional in virtually any urban, industrial or wilderness location. Three different types of Vortex feet are available to provide secure footing on varying terrain.

    Weight: 28 kg
    Proof loaded: 23 kN
    Safe working load: 2.7 kN


    Perfect for mine safety teams!


    Bolt Rig Plate


    The BOLT rig plate uses a quick-detatchable stainless steel rod, or ‘bolt’, allowing you to connect your gear directly to the five connection points without using carabiners. The result is cleaner connections, and when pulleys are involved, more efficient use of space when lined up side by side than when using a traditional rig plate.

    Weight: 535 gm
    Breaking Strength: 36 kN


     UFO Rig Plate



    Universal Focusing Object. A new generation of rigging plate allowing you to position in three dimensions.

    Weight: 470 gm
    Height/Width: 89 mm
    Breaking Strength: 36 kN
    Certification: CE




    Specialist rigging carabiner, combination of
    carabiner and swivel, with auto-lock (triple
    action locking system) or screw-lock

    Weight: 130 gm

    Breaking Strength
    Major axis:
    30 kN
    Minor axis: 7 kN
    Open gate: 12 kN

    Gate opening: 21 mm



    Other swivels:

    Grappling Hook
       We always wanted to make a folding grappling hook, just because it’s so cool. So we did, and it is. It folds up so it is easy to store and carry (and won’t impale you). Don’t storm a castle without it.

    Warning: Grappling hooks are unstable. It should never be used for life support!






    Some application pictures from the internet:



    Sterling Ropes

    To compliment the excellent range of Rock Exotica products, we also supply Sterling Ropes. These ropes are highly technically advanced and serve both the sport and industrial climbing / rope access markets.

    Sterling ropes also supply a full range of sewn Prussic loops and Codelettes!

    Have a look at the Sterling Website ( for their complete range of products.