Calibra Stem Applicator

The Calibra Stem Applicator was developed between 1991 and 1994. It is used to apply precisely dosed quantities of treatment onto tree stems, where the tree absorbs the treatment. It can spray between 1 and 10ml in 0.1ml increments and is built to last a lifetime.

Due to changes in the treatment methods and the long lifespan of the initial units produced this product is currently not in production anymore.


Bait Spray Machines

The Ladybird and Mantis bait spray machines were developed for the agricultural industries and used for Fruit Fly control. These machines have extremely low dosing values and good tree coverage. Both PTO, Petrol and Petrol-Electric versions were available.


Hand Held Touch Pad

Long before the days of iPhones, iPads and Tablet computers we were tasked to develop a rugged hand-held computer with a touch pad. The device would have been used to perform specific calculations and have use mil-specification components.