Volumetric Spore Trap

The Volumetric Spore Trap (VST) is used by farmers and plant pathologists to monitor airborne particles. It uses a rotating disk to trap microscopic particles via impaction over an 8 day cycle. This information is invaluable when combined with weather data to determine the inoculum load and can be used to prevent disease outbreaks in crops which could cause millions in damage if not managed correctly.

The VST units have been exported all over the world and is commonly used in research programs.

Sectional Flow Demonstrator

A custom machine developed to demonstrate the physical phenomena in water that flows over a structure such as a gauging weir crump. Two glass panels at 25mm apart effectively gives the students a slice through a river section and provides a visual method of learning complex physics the flow entering the model is laminar and effects such as aeration and sedimentation can be simulated.


Point Gauges

Point gauges are used to determine water levels in scale models of dams. A nonius scale and fine gearbox allows precise adjustment.