Vandal Proof Lids and Covers

Contact us for the strongest manhole cover in Africa. We define both small and large covers as a lid. This may include "hand holes" right through to "Man holes". Our most recent product in this range is an Ultra Secure Manhole Cover, suitable for the most demanding applications.

 Short overview document: HANDHOLES AND MANHOLES

Secure lids and covers perform a range of tasks such as keeping sensors in remote monitoring applications secure:


  • STRONGEST MANHOLE COVER IN AFRICA! " Ultra Manhole Cover - Info Sheet "


                 Features: - 20mm Thick stainless steel top plate - no tools will penetrate this.

                 - Electronic lock with instant database transactions and GPS location service - full audit trail.

                 - 11 lock points, around the circumference - no weak spots.

                 - Hairline interface between body and frame - no space to insert prying tools.

                 - Extremely well embedded in the concrete - it will not be removed.

                 - Perfectly flush and level - no protrusions.

ultra manhole cover

Strongest manhole cover in africa

Extreme borehole lid

BHX Extreme borehole protection lid for monitoring boreholes.


cable routing draw box

Cable routing Draw Box


handhole small manhole

Top Cap pipe lid  - sensors, boreholes etc.


borehole lid protection

Example of a monitoring borehole.


prison floor drain

Prison mess hall floor drain.


round prison floor drain

Prison shower drain.

Department of Water Affairs Manhole Cover - Lock Bolt

We have designed, manufacture and supply the standard lock bolt used on Department of Water Affairs (DWS) manhole covers.

The RFB (Retrofit Bolt) uses our patented MLC lock mechanism and can by utilised to upgrade old manhole covers, or for new manhole covers.

For obvious security reasons we cannot provide more information on the web - please contact our office for details.