Kruger Vault - Subterranean floor mounted safe

The "Interlock Kruger Vault" is a ultra high security safe (vault) used to store valuables, such as Kruger Rands, Gold Bullion, Gold bars, Diamonds, Jewellery, Cash, Sensitive documents, electronic backup media, etc. 

If you are concerned with the international fiat monetary system, and have investments in physical assets such as gold or silver, you will also most probably be weary of storing your valuables in a facility which is out of your control (such as a bank's safe deposit box).  The question now arise, how do you store your valuables? You want to store your valuables somewhere close and accessible, yet out of sight, and extremely secure. Consider the Interlock Kruger Vault:





Interlock Kruger Vault basic specifications:

- Three sizes are available (Usable volume inside): Inside Diameter 146mm x 300mm, 600mm or 1m deep.

- The smallest version will hold 900 Kruger Rands. 

- Fully Stainless Steel 304

- Sargent and Greanleaf 3 or 4 wheel combination lock. Alternatives are possible (Such as high security electronic combinations or mechanical vault keys).

- Water tight with dual seals

- UL / SABS rating information to follow

- Anti-cut, anti-drill, anti-cutting torch, anti-angle grinder, anti-jack hammer, anti-levers, anti-explosion, anti-EMP, anti-find, anti-corrosion

Kruger Vault floor mounted safe

The problem with a conventional safe / vault is that it can (generally) be easily found and is visible to an intruder that searches your property. Common practice nowadays for criminals is to hold a person at gunpoint and demand the opening of such safe. The Interlock Kruger Safe is designed to be hidden in the floor. It can sit beneath a potplant on your porch. It can be under a carpet or a tile in the bathroom. It can be installed outside in the garden, buried under some dirt or a rock or a fake water drain. It can even be wall mounted, given a thick enough wall. The vault is designed to have a inconspicuous appearance from the outside to draw little attention.

The Kruger Safe comes standard fitted with UL certified Sargent and Greenleaf combination locks (either 3 or 4 wheel). The 'door' or lid provides over 40mm of solid protective barrier (door thickness) and this protection is sunken in such a way that common safe cracking tools and angle grinders cannot reach. It is also possible to fit keyed or electronic vault lock solutions. The complete item is manufactured from stainless steel, and a water tight lid allows it to be mounted anywhere. 

The vault forms a round tube that goes into the ground (Diamater 146mm inside). The door functions like a removable 'plug' that inserts into the body, and engages at 6 high security lock points. The lock then prevents removal of the lid. Once the door is inserted a waterproofing and additional security lid is placed over this and is flush with the floor surface where it is to be mounted in.

The reason why a mechanical combination lock is preferred is so that you don't have a safe key in your pocket that can be lost, or can be found by a criminal holding you at gunpoint indicating that there is another safe on the premises. These locks do not have batteries that can run flat or electronics that can be damaged (Let's have an imagination and say that a massive solar flare or EMP is one of your concerns). 


The secrecy of the installation is critical. As such, we can either assist clients with the installation via a certified team of experts, or it can be self-installed. The vault is secured into a foundation opening with specialised concrete. We have highly specialised vault concrete available that reaches 105MPa (Normal concrete reaches 20 to 40 MPa). Our engineers will advise users that wish to self install on the procedures and requirements. Should you wish to install the unit into an existing floor, we can assist with large diamond core drills to provide the opening in the floor required.



The sensitive nature of this product does not allow us to reveal to much information on the web. Please contact us for an in-depth discussion.