High Security Enclosures

We offer a range of customisable enclosures that offer high security for delicate equipment in remote or dangerous areas. The applications are vast! We have various versions and options available and our design team can quickly configure new systems.

The FTC (Field Telemetry Cabinet) and SUB (Secure Utility Box) range both feature doors with high security lock points around the circumference of the door, vandalism protected lock barrels, fully stainless steel construction in 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm thickness or larger on request.


Typical applications of the enclosures include:

  • Field telemetry and monitoring systems. Secure your data logger, modem, battery and control gear in remote areas.
  • Electrical switch gear. Secure breakers, busbars and related equipment where theft is a problem. Applications include road side kiosks for street lighting control.
  • Off Grid solar equipment: Secure battery banks, regulators and inverters in remote areas. Typical applications include farms and rural clinics or schools. Also refer to our solar panel security systems.
  • Remote laboratory equipment. Weather stations, water quality monitoring equipment, air quality equipment, agricultural research equipment, animal tracking equipment
  • Battery enclosures protected from theft.
  • Dedicated high security enclosures for 19" rack mount equipment - protect remote routers, radio repeaters, video NVR / DVR equipment, or networks in high risk areas.
  • Your application?