Heavy Duty Ironmongery

Many of our clients have existing doors, and want to upgrade the security without installing a brand new door. To cater for this requirement, we have developed a range of heavy duty, high security add-on Ironmongery.

The range includes:

Barrel / Tower Bolts  Provides a sliding pin to secure the door on the lock or hinge side. Lockable versions can be used on the outside of the door. Non-lockable versions can be used on the inside of the door. A Tower Bolt is installed vertically, a Barrel bolt is installed horisontally. Manufactured from stainless steel. Our barrel bolts employ 16mm and 20mm stainless steel pins for maximum security. 
Strip hinges / Piano hinges A Strip Hinge provides a long continious hinge from the top of the door to the bottom. This is considerably more secure than two or three single butt hinges. Our custom designed strip hinges are available in 2mm or 3mm  plate thicknesses, with 50mm wings, and 6mm or 8mm continious hinge pins. Manufactured from stainless steel.  
Hinge protector pins - Hinge Bolts On many residential and commercial doors, the hinge can easily be bypassed by knocking out hinge pins, or simply kicking the door in. The Hinge protector pins engage between the door and the frame when the door is closed to add considerable strength to the door system.  
Horisontal door 'castle beams' On doors that is not used often, or where instant additional security is required, the 'castle beam brackets' are installed on a door, with a horisontal 40x40mm steel beam which is then placed across the brackets. This adds considerable security to a door system. The system is also very efficient for double doors, where it is difficult to install any other suitable security add-on.   
 Pad locks We supply the range of Mul-T-Lock padlocks. These magnificent locks are super secure, come in various sizes, and can be master-keyed.
A maser key system is tremendously useful to reduce the number of keys required. Imagine having one key that can open the gate, the front door, the back door and the store room, where an employee might for instance have a key that can only open the gate and the store room, but not the front door.  Padlock brochure