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- Monitoring Borehole Cap

- Gat-se-Deksel Monitoring Lid

- BHX Extreme Monitoring Borehole Lid

- Underground seismic sensor

Monitoring Borehole Cap

The Monitoring borehole cap allows quick and easy securing of a monitoring borehole. Monitoring boreholes can be used to test ground water levels, retrieve groundwater samples or be permanently fitted with data loggers.


- Easy installation - requires drilling of two holes in a borehole casing

- 3mm Steel construction, electrocoated and powdercoated for superior life expectancy

- Special profile key required for removal. Security bolt fitted deep inside the unit to prevent tampering

- Internal anti-tilt security plate

- Suitable for 6" borehole casings.


borehole cap BV Tech  borehole cap BVTech


Gat-se-Deksel Monitoring Borehole protection

Theft of Borehole Pumps is a reality. We have a range of solutions available to secure borehole pumps:

Gat-Se-Dekseltm is an 8mm thick Stainless Steel lid system that is installed around the borehole casing, and protects the borehole pump from theft and damage. The lid is locked in place with a unique and patented 360 degree lock ring and tolerances between the lid and housing is very small to prevent insertion of prying tools.

The water pipes and electrical cables can exit the system either through the top lid, or through the side of the housing. The housing is secured with concrete around the borehole casing. A high security lock barrel is used to protect the lid from unauthorised entry. Multiple lids can be keyed alike. The lock barrel is encased in a stainless steel housing to prevent damage to the lock.

The lid is fitted with internal hanger points where suspension cables can be attached to carry the weight of the pump and water pipe.

This product is also highly suited for monitoring boreholes, where the lid allows easy access for dip probes, or permanently instrumented boreholes.

Gat-se-Deksel borehole security lid  Gat-se-Deksel Exploded View 
 Installed view: Gat-se-Deksel, showing side exit pipes and cables  Gat-se-Deksel, showing the lid, body, pipes and borehole casing


BHX Extreme Protection Monitoring borehole lid

The BHX extreme protection monitoring borehole lid was developed to curb severe vandalism in Tanzania. The lid is secured around the borehole casing with a concrete plinth that is cast in situ.

The BHX features a tamper proof lock mechanism and is manufactured from Stainless steel. 

An alternative pre-cast ballast version is also available. This units simplifies site installation as it's placed over the borehole casing with a crane truck and does not require on-site concrete works. 

BHX Monitoring borehole lid

BHX Cast-in version shown above

BHX-Ballast version shown below:

BHX Cast-in system

BHX cast-in installed


Underground Seismic Sensor - high tech boreholes

We have developed and supplied a system to securely house highly sensitive underground seismic equipment for the mining industry.

The solution consists of secured solar panels and a security enclosure mounted on a anti-cut support pole. This was mounted next to a borehole leading to underground chambers.

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