We specialise in the Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of niche products and solutions against Vandalism and Theft. Our enclosures are used to house telemetry, radio, batteries and monitoring equipment in remote areas. Our stainless steel transformer doors are used in substations and pump stations where copper theft is a major problem. Our manhole covers are used when security may not be compromised. Our solar panel protection frames can handle the rigorous attacks seen in remote areas.

About our Products:

We design and manufacture equipment for the protection of critical infrastructure. Use the grid below to find solutions for your application field. 

Secure Doors

Secure Door Picture

We design and manufacture highly customised and ultra-secure stainless steel doors for critical infrastructure. 

Typical applications:

  • - Pump Stations
  • - Dam gallery entrances
  • - Power Stations
  • - Electrical Sub Stations
  • - Server Rooms
  • - Control Rooms

Secure Louvres

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We design and manufacture high security stainless steel louvres (Ventilators) to match our secure doors for critical infrastructure.

Typical applications:

  • - Pump Stations
  • - Dam gallery entrances
  • - Power Stations
  • - Electrical Sub Stations
  • - Server Rooms
  • - Control Rooms



Manhole Covers

Secure Manhole Picture

We design and manufacture specialised manhole covers for critical applications. The manhole system has various tamper and vandal proof lock systems, including full electronic audit trail lock systems.

Typical applications:

  • - Pipelines
  • - Valve chambers
  • - Electrical cable tunnels
  • - Reservoirs



Protected Solar Panels

Secure solar panel picture

Our patented solar panel protection system effectively prevent theft and vandalism of remote solar panels. Sizes available: 10W, 20W, 40W, 50W, 80W and 140W in various form factors and mounting options. Anti-Cut poles prevent hacksaw attacks to topple the mounting pole.

Typical applications:

  • - Remote telemetry stations
  • - Weather stations
  • - Radio repeater high sites
  • - Wireless access towers
  • - Intelligent security fence 
       monitoring stations
  • - Remote video systems



Secure Field Enclosures

Secure enclosure picture

Our patented range of secure enclosures house electronics in remote areas and protects the contents from theft, vandalism and the environment. Various sizes are available, including a 19" rack mount enclosure for server / UPS equipment.

Typical applications:

  • - Remote telemetry stations
  • - Weather stations
  • - Radio repeater high sites
  • - Communication towers
  • - Intelligent security fence monitoring stations
  • - Remote video systems
  • - Smart meters - electrical, gas and water


Borehole Protection

Borehole protection picture
Our secure lids protects groundwater monitoring stations against vandalism and theft. The system is effectively used all over Africa. Various models and mounting options are available, including a system to securely house rain gauges and telemetry at the same site.

Larger versions are available for the protection of boreholes fitted with submerged pumps.


Bullet Resistant Modular Guard Huts

Bullet resistant Hut picture
Our modular, mobile system allows on on-site construction of many shapes and sizes of bullet resistant guard houses. All panels, including the floor and roof protects against 7.62x51mm attacks. The units are available on a rental basis. Smaller units are available that is pre-configured and mounted on a wheeled trailer for rapid deployment.

Rope Access -- Rock Exotica 

Rock Exotica Pulley picture
Interlock Systems is the sole South African supplier of Rock Exotica equipment, used in rope access, rope rescue and working at height environments. Rock Exotica equipment is world renowned for its quality and innovative features.

Through our partners, we can provide customised working at height training courses.


3D CAD Design  & Contracting

CAD Services picture

Our CAD department provides state of the art Solidworks 3D draughting services on contract basis.


Locks, Hinges and Related

Locks picture

Most commercial locks are easily damaged by inserting foreign objects into the lock barrel. We hold several patents on specialised locks to prevent damage de to vandalism. Some of our systems include:

  • - Magnetic Lock Cover system
  • - Hydro Lock - resistant to mud, silt and water
  • - i.Lock - Electronic lock with full audit trail. IP67.
  • - Electromagnetic servo lock - no keyholes 

We also build a range of related heavy duty Ironmongery: Hinges, tower bolts, barrel bolts, hasp and staples, etc.



Custom Developments

Development picture

In principle, all of our products are custom. Everything we build was born from a specific market need. Some of our recent custom projects include:

  • - Low scrap value valve chamber ventilator
  • - Secure concrete vault for a gas pipeline valve system
  • - Laboratory test chambers for pollution monitoring
  • - Compact Hard Disk Drive security housing

Legacy projects

VST Picture

On this page we list various historical and loose standing products and projects.

In the picture: VST - Volumetric Spore Trap used by plant pathologists to monitor airborne fungal spores and pollen. 

Product Offering



 Environmental Monitoring

 Infrastructure Development


       -Secure Enclosures
-Huts + Hut Doors
-Sensor Housings
-Pressure Sensors
-Ultrasonic Flow Sensors
-Rain Gauges
-Water Quality
-Ground Water


-Loggers / Modems
-Data Management / Private APN


-Remote Power
-Solar Panels + Protection
-Solar Charge Controllers


-Gauging Structures
-Weir Equipment

      -Access Control

-Secure Doors
-Manhole Covers
-Electronic Locks
-Mechanical Locks
-User Management
-Door Hooks


-Remote Video
-Electrical Parameters


-Secure Louvres


-Fire Protection


-Safety Equipment
-Hand Railings
-Grating / Walkways
      -Design and Draughting
-Mechanical Design
-Electrical Design


-Custom Manufacturing


-Site Installations
-Fire Protection


-Working at Height